MUSEE LAURIER pamphlet from exhibit that took place in Victoriaville-Arthabaska (Quebec,Canada) from June 5 to September 25 1994 .MUSEE LAURIER 3 months and two weeks exhibition.
 Musee Laurier West,Victoriaville-Arthabaska (Quebec) GP6 6P3 Tel (819) 357-8655 Many Thanks to
  Mr. Richard Pedneault Art Curator at Musee Laurier . Je vous remercie.
MUSEE LAURIER pamphlet continued featuring Nicolae Vasilescu senior.

Professional Artistic Activities in Canada
 [1990-1991] Group exhibit at the Gallery “La Falaise”,Sherbrooke ,Que.,icons landscapes, oil paintings.
 [1992] Personal exhibit ,icons,landscapes,miniatures ,at the “Salon du Livre”,Asbestos,Que.
 [1992] Personal exhibit,icons ,at the Community Centre “Rita St –Pierre”,Victoriaville,Que.
 [1993] Personal art exhibit at Kingsey Falls in the” Pavillon du Parc Marie-Victorin”,Icones.Que.
 [1993] Group exhibit at the “Centre Administratif de St-Cristophe”,Que.
 [1993] Group exhibit in the “Galerie Ombres et Lumieres”,Que.
 [1994] Personal exhibit in the “Banque Nationale d’Asbestos”,Que.
 [1994] Group exhibit in the summer ,three months in “Le Musee Laurier”,Victoriaville,Que.
 [1994] Group exhibit in the Colisee de Bois-Francs,Victoriaville,Que.
 [1994] Group exhibit in “Le Musee du Seminaire de Sherbrooke”,Que.
 [1995] Group exhibit in “Le Centre Communautaire de Danville” (with students and teachers)Que.
 [1995] Group exhibit in the “Bibliotheque Municipale de Victoriaville”,Que.
 [1995] Group exhibit in the” Musee du Seminaire de Sherbrooke”,Que.
 [1995-2009] I have a permanent exhibit in the restaurant Casa Chirico,Sherbrooke,Que.
 [1996]Personal exhibit in the “Bibliotheque Municipale d’ Asbestos”,Que.
 [1996-2002] Permanent exhibit in the Galerie Christin,4 King Street West ,Yonge Street Entrance,Toronto,Ontario.
 [2009] Built an online art gallery .
 [2009] PERI International Magazine . WWW.PERI.COM
 [2002-NOW] I continue to create oil paintings and use the internet to exhibit my work at .

 I was a Visual Arts Teacher in Asbestos and Danville (Quebec) for three years. One of my students, Mr. Guy St. Hillaire, was my student for two years. He also purchased some of my work. I have over 52 years experience as an artist in Roumania,Italy,Quebec and Ontario. I completed three years at the “ Constanta School of Music and Art Plastiques. Two years at the Lycee of Art Plastique in Bucharest,Roumania.

 I also received three years of private art courses with Mr. Budeanu Iulius (Art and Music Teacher), in Constanta,Roumania.


 Private Collections:

 Mr. Georges Veronneau,1254 Ch Compton, R.R.6 Coaticook, Quebec.
 Mr. Jean-Guy Ferland, 49 Pontiac St, Bromont,Quebec.
 Mr. Marc O’Reilly,536 Laurier St.,Asbestos,Quebec.
 Mr. Wilfrid Grimard Victoriaville,Quebec.
 Mr. Hontau Vasile,New Jersey, United States.
 Mr. Guy St. Hilaire,Asbestos,Quebec.
 Owner of restaurant “Casa Chirico”,Sherbrooke,Que.
 Mrs. Madelaine Beaulieu,Pinard St. Asbestos,Quebec.
 Mr. Masami Ueda,Mississauga ,Ontario.
 Mrs. Christine Selim, Oakville,Ontario.
  Mrs. Hiromi Nakada,Tochigi Japan.
 Mr. Gordon Ciu,Mississauga,Ontario.
 Mr. Angelo Bonnetti,Caserta,Italy.
 Mr. Edward Jezierski,Kitchener,Ontario.
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